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How to Make Computer Faster

How to Make Computer Faster Quickly

In this article of how to Make Computer Faster i will tell you some very simple and important steps through which you can quickly increase or speed-up your PC performance.

Your Computer become slow and Windows isn’t running in the same speed that it used to run when you first used it.

There are many reasons for this which make your computer performance or speed slow.

There are a few very important tips and tricks through which you can easily boost your computer speed again.

Steps to Make Laptop or Computer Faster

1st Step: Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is a windows built-in tool which is use to delete all unwanted or temporary files and folders which are not in use.

Right click on Local Disk C, after that click on properties.

Make Computer Faster-1

Click on “Disk Cleanup” button. It start analyzing process.



Now check all the files to delete and then hit “OK” button.


Click on “Delete Files” to confirm that you want to delete all files.


After that disk cleanup process starts to delete all unwanted files from your computer.


2nd Step: Uninstall Unwanted Programs.

It’s very important to uninstall unwanted programs from your computer because these programs decease performance and speed.

First open Control Panel and then click on “Uninstall a Program”.


Here it show you the list of all the programs which are install.


So just select any program which you want to uninstall and hit “Uninstall”, then it uninstall that program from your computer.


3rd Step: Disk Defragmentation.

Must Run Disk Defragmentation process, Right click on any drive and then hit properties.



First Select the drive, then click on Analyze. Once analyze process completes hit Optimize.



Then it start Defragmentation process.


4th Step: Error-Checking.

Another window tool which is use for checking and fixing bad sectors with error in drives.

Right click on any drive, then hit properties. Under Tools tab click on “Check” button.





5th Step : Stop Unwanted Programs on Startup

Whenever you start your computer many software run immediately which leads
to slow down your computer on startup.
So its better to stop unwanted programs which you never use regularly.

Right click on task bar and then select Task Manager.




Things should be a bit fine the next time Windows boots on startup.

6th Step : Disable Visual Effects.

Right click on “This PC” / “My Computer” and then click on properties.





Through these simple steps you can easily Make your Computer or Laptop run Faster.

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