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Password Protect Hard Drive Windows 8 or 8.1

Password Protect Hard Drive Windows 8 or 8.1

In this article of password protect hard drive windows 8/8.1 operating system.I will show you how to setup password for your hard drives using Bit-locker Encryption to protect your hard drive.

First of all “What is Bit-locker Drive Encryption”?
Bit-locker encrypts the hard drives on your computer to provide protection against data theft or hackers.

Microsoft has provided a built-in feature in Windows 8.1/8 to password protect your hard drives and portable devices.
This feature of Microsoft is known as Bit-locker Drive Encryption.

So with the help of this feature you can easily setup password on your hard drives or removable drives and protect them from data thefts or hackers.

In windows 8/8.1 you don’t need any extra third-party software to protect your hard drives or portable devices.

How to Enable Bit-locker Encryption?

1st Step: First select the hard drive which you want to set password/Bit-locker.

Password Protect Hard Drive-1


2nd Step: Right click on that hard drive and then Select “Turn on Bit-locker” option.


3rd Step: Now first check the “Use a password to unlock the drive” box, then Enter and Reenter your password after that hit “Next”.


4th Step: Save your Recovery Key where you want, and then Click on “Next” button.




5th Step: There it shows you two option of hard drive encryption.
1 : Encrypt used disk space only.
2 : Encrypt entire drive.
Select any one option which you want and then click on “Next” button.


6th Step: If you want to start encryption process, then hit “Start Encrypting” button. It will start encrypting process.



Once hard drive encryption process completes your drive become lock and you need password to unlock it.




Through this windows built-in feature of Bit-locker, now you can not need to install any other software to protect your drives with password.

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