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How to Delete Facebook Search History

How to Delete Facebook Search History Permanently

Hi Friends in this article of How to Delete Facebook Search History I am going to tell you the way of removing your search history from Facebook permanently.

As you all know Facebook has been a very popular social platform for people to share life moments and make friends around the world.

Facebook has a built-in search engine which keep a record of everything you search in the Facebook Search Bar.

It not only keep record of your searches but it also keep record of Whatever you’ve “Liked” or commented.

All your interactions will be recorded on your Facebook account’s Activity Log.

So Facebook, like Google, keeps a record of every single search you perform on its platform.

What is Facebook Activity Log?

Whenever you search for something on Facebook, your search terms get stored in your Facebook Search History or Activity Log and Facebook Activity Log is only view-able by you.

Steps to Delete Your Facebook Search History Permanently

If you want to clear / remove all of your Facebook Search History permanently then follow these below mentions steps…

1st Step : First Login into your Facebook Account and go to your Timeline / Home page.
Now there are two ways to reach Activity Logon.

First way is to the just Click on “Activity Log” button which is present on your Timeline / Home Page.

Delete Facebook Search History-1

Second way there is a down arrow icon on upper-right corner of the page, Click on it.

After that hit “Activity Log” Option from drop down list.

Delete Facebook Search History-2

2nd Step : Activity log contains the list of your all posts, likes, comments and all Facebook activity, including your search history.

Delete Facebook Search History-3

3rd Step : Click on the “More” option on the left-hand menu, under Photos, Likes or Comment, Scroll down the expanded list until you see “Search” and Click on it to open.

Delete Facebook Search History-4

Delete Facebook Search History-5

4th Step : After that Click on “Clear Searches” button, and then confirm it by hitting “Clear Searches” button.




Through these simple steps you can delete your all Facebook Search History Permanently.

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