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How to Make Google Chrome Faster

How to Make Google Chrome Faster

In this article of How to Make Google Chrome Faster than ever, i will tell you some very simple and easy steps.

After performing these steps, you will quickly experience increase in the speed Google Chrome browsing.

Google chrome is the official web browser of Google company which helps browsing easier, safer and faster.
But sometimes you face slow speed of Google Chrome.

There are number of reasons behind it including unwanted plugins, extensions and browsing data etc which make Google Chrome slow.

So to overcome this problem, follow below mention steps to make your Google Chrome browser pretty fast and you
can comfortably browse multiple web pages at once.

Tips of Making Google Chrome Faster :

1st Tip : Disable/Delete Unwanted Extension

There are number of useless extensions running in the background to continue offering their services.

However, in doing so they consume a large amount of system’s resources. It’s better to disable unwanted extensions so that your Google Chrome browser work more smoothly.

Steps to Disable/Delete Unwanted Extensions from Google Chrome

1st Step : Open Google Chrome, at the top of right-side corner there are three dots icon click on it. After that select “More Tools“option and then click on “Extensions“.

Make Google Chrome Faster-1

2nd Step : This will open extensions page where all extensions added to Chrome browser will be displayed or listed.

Make Google Chrome Faster-2

If you want to Disable Unwanted Extension, then just Un-check the box adjacent to extensions. Like this way


Make Google Chrome Faster-3

But if you want to completely remove the extension, then click the Trash like icon next to it.

Make Google Chrome Faster-4

2nd Tip : Disable Unwanted Plugins

There are number of plugins which are installed and enabled when you install Google Chrome.

Some plugins are useful but some of them are useless, so it’s better to “Disable” them.

Steps to Disable Unwanted Plugins from Google Chrome :

1st Step : To open plugins page, type “about:plugins” OR “chrome://plugins/” in the address bar of Google Chrome and Hit Enter button.

Make Google Chrome Faster-5

This will open plugins page in front of you.

2nd Step : A list of installed plugins displays on the current windows. Select the plugin which you want to disable from list and then hit the “Disable” link.


Make Google Chrome Fasterr-7

Note : You can not have option to delete or uninstall any plugin and keep Adobe Flash enabled, because a lot of websites use Flash to display menus, show videos, etc.

3rd Tip : Clear your Browsing Data :

Clearing your browsing history is also one of the most important step to make your browser works more faster.

Steps to Clear your Google Chrome browsing Data/History

1st Step : Open Google Chrome, at the top of right-side corner there are three dots icon click on it. After that select “History” option.

Other way to open Google Chrome History is to just press “CTRL+H” key.

Make Google Chrome Faster-8

2nd Step : Click on “Clear Browsing Data“, First select the time period from which you want to clear your search history.

Make Google Chrome Faster-9

After that select the data you would like to clear from your browser like browsing history, cache and cookies which can slow down your browser and should be cleared on daily basis.

Make Google Chrome Faster-10

3rd Step : In the last click the “Clear Browsing Data” button, this will clear the all data from your browser automatically.

4th Tip : Changing The Settings In Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome, at the top of right-side corner there are three dots icon click on it. After that Click on “Settings” option.

Make Google Chrome Faster-11

After that scroll down and then click on “Show Advanced Setting“.

Make Google Chrome Faster-12

Under privacy setting, you must check “Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly” and “Protect you and your device from dangerous sites“.

Make Google Chrome Faster-13

That’s it, after performing has above mentions steps you can easily and quickly speedup or make Google Chrome Faster.

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