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How To Cut Videos With VLC Media Player

How To Cut Videos With VLC Media Player Simple & Fast

In this article of “How to Cut Videos With VLC Media Player” i will tell you easy way of cutting video clips from video or movie using VLC.

As you all know VLC is now one of the most powerful and popular media players.

Because it is free, simple, easy to use.

VLC player run on almost every platform including Windows, Linux, Unix, Android, Mac etc.

Many times it happen that you need to cut a certain portion of a video or movie which you want in separate video clip.

No doubt there are many video cutter software’s are available to do this work.

But if you not want to install any video cutter then you can do this task with the help of VLC media player.

Because it is the easiest and simplest way to cut different video clips using the free media player VLC.

Steps to Cut Videos With VLC Media Player

1st Step : Open VLC media player.

Go to the menu bar and click “View” menu and Check/Select the “Advanced Controls“.

Cut Videos With VLC 1

This will add a few extra buttons.

Cut Videos With VLC 2

2nd Step : Play any video or movie from which you want to cut a clip or video part.

Now go to the initial point from which you would like to cut and press “RECORD” button.

In my case i would like to cut video clip from 0.10sec to 0.25sec.

Cut Videos With VLC 3

Cut Videos With VLC 4

3rd Step : Press “RECORD” button again when the video reaches the point at which you want to stop it.

Cut Videos With VLC 5

That’s it you can find that cutted video clip or part in the “Videos” folder in your Computer/PC.

By this you could cut or save any of your favorite video clips from any video or movie right inside VLC player itself.

And that recorded clip/part will be saved as an MP4 file.


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