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How To Make Windows 10 Faster | Best 5 Tips

How To Make Windows 10 Faster | Best 5 Tips

In this article of how to Make Windows 10 Faster i will tell you 5 best tips through which you can easily increase speed and performance of your computer.

Friend’s if you are using a Windows 10 on your computer for a while, you may feel that it has been slowed down a bit.

So here are 5 best tips and tweaks that will help you to increase Windows 10 performance and Speed again to meet your needs.

5 Best Tips to Make Windows 10 Faster and Smoother are  following :

1st Tip : Disable Unnecessary Start-Up Programs.

There are a lot of programs startup automatically every time you boot-up.

No doubt these programs slow down boot-up speed of you computer.

It’s better to disable them from startup, So that your PC boot-up quickly and smoothly.

> Right-click on Taskbar and then select “Task Manager“.

  Make Windows 10 Faster 1

> Click on “Start-Up” tab.

Make Windows 10 Faster 2

> Only “Enable” those programs which is important for your computer otherwise “Disable” them all.

Make Windows 10 Faster 3

2nd Tip : Uninstall Unwanted Programs.

No doubt removing unwanted programs is the right way to keep your computer running faster and smoother.

To Uninstall unnecessary programs, Go to “Control Panel” and then click on “Uninstall a program“.

Make Windows 10 Faster 4

This will show you the list of install programs, now just select any program(which you want to uninstall) & hit “Uninstall“.

Make Windows 10 Faster 5

3rd Tip : Delete All Temporary Files.

The process of deleting all the temporary files from your computer can help keep it running smoothly as well as
improving its performance.

Right click on “drive C:” and then go to it’s “Properties“.

Make Windows 10 Faster 6

After that click on “Disk Clean-Up” button.

Make Windows 10 Faster 7

Now check all the boxes and then click on “Ok” button.

Make Windows 10 Faster 8

Again click on “Delete Files“.

Make Windows 10 Faster 9

Through this you can delete all un-necessary or temporary files from your computer.

4th Tip : Turn-Off Background Apps.

There are a lot of Microsoft applications which are running in the background.

But it’s a waste of system resources if you don’t use these apps on a regular basis.

How to Turn-Off Background Apps?

First go to windows 10 “Settings” and then click on “Privacy“.

Make Windows 10 Faster 10

After that go to “Background Apps“, now turn-off all the apps which you not want to run in the background.


5th Tip : Disable Windows Animations.

Windows 10 comes with a new eye catching animations and enabled by default.

If you want that your computer works faster then disable them.

Open RUN(Win+R), type command “sysdm.cpl” and hit enter key.

Make Windows 10 Faster 12

This will open “System Properties” windows.

After that go to”Advanced” tab and then click on “Settings” button of performance.

Make Windows 10 Faster 13

Now just select “Adjust for best performance” radio box, then hit “Apply” and “Ok” button.

By applying these 5 best tips on your windows 10 system you would feel that your computer run faster and

smoother then before.

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