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How to Save Webpage as PDF in Windows 10

How to Save Webpage as PDF in Windows 10 without Third-Part Tool

Saving a web page in a separate pdf file is very useful to access the information without a network connection.

You can easily save any webpage as PDF without using any online conversion tools or third-party software.

In Windows 10, the new web browser called Microsoft Edge, which is the default PDF reader.

Windows 10 comes with a dedicated PDF driver which allows you save webpages in PDF (Portable Document Format) without using any third-party tools or browser extensions.

Steps of “How to Save Webpage as PDF file in Windows 10” are following…

In this article of Save Webpage as PDF file in Windows 10, I am going to tell you how to use Microsoft Edge browser to Save Webpage as PDF.

Because Microsoft Edge Browser is built-in tool of windows 10, So that you not need to download or install any

third-party tool.

1st Step : Open Microsoft Edge web browser and navigate to the webpage that you want to save as PDF file.

save webpage as pdf 1

2nd Step : Once the webpage is completely loaded, Press Ctrl+P keys or go “More” icon and then click on “Print” to open the Print dialog.

save webpage as pdf 2

This will open modern version of the Print dialog instead of the classic one.

save webpage as pdf 3

3rd Step : Select “Microsoft Print to PDF” from printer drop down list and then click on “Print” button.

save webpage as pdf 4

4th Step : Once you hit Print button it will open “Save as” dialog.

First choose a location to save the PDF file, enter a file name for the PDF file and then click “Save” button to save the webpage in PDF.

save webpage as pdf 5

That’s it… Now you can find that pdf file at the location where you save it…

So friend’s through this simple and easy way you can Save Webpage as PDF file without using any third-party tool in Windows 10.

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