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Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

How to do Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

In this article of Disk Cleanup in Windows 10 I will display you the way to open and use Disk Cleanup tool to help free up area or space on your hard disk by means of deleting unwanted files from your computer/laptop in windows 10.

With the help of Disk Cleanup tool you can delete all unnecessary, temporary or junk files from your system.

Removing unwanted files and folders from your system not only free up space but it will also improve your system performance and speed.

This feature of windows is designed to help you regain valuable hard disk space by removing system files that are no longer necessary to the functioning of the operating system.

There are number of ways to open Disk Cleanup tool. They are following…

1 way :

start typing “Disk Cleanup” into the Search box for Cortana in the bottom left corner of your screen in windows 10, next to the Start button.

Just click on it to open.


disk cleanup in windows 10 1

2 way :

Go to “This PC”, right-click on Drive C: and then click on properties.

This will open Drive C: properties windows in front of you, now just click on “Disk Cleanup“.

disk cleanup in windows 10 2

disk cleanup in windows 10 3

3 way :

You can also find the Disk Cleanup Tool under Start > All Apps > Windows Administrative Tools > Disk Clean up.

disk cleanup in windows 10 4

disk-clean-up in windows 10 5

Click on Disk Cleanup to start the program.

Then it will ask which hard drive you want to clean up.

The default is C drive. Just make sure it is selected and click on OK button.



The disk cleanup tool will then start analyzing different folders and types of files that it thinks is safe to delete.

It will take few minutes to analyse…



Once the analyse process is completed you will be presented with a lists of files which is there to remove without causing problems to the operating system/installed applications.


You can check all the items which is listed because deleting them will not effects your system performance or function.

In the last just click on OK button to start removing process.

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